Mar 10, 2014


Baby boy is here!

Emmett Griffith Broberg
8lbs 2ozs
21 1/4"
And actually ALREADY a month old by the time I am finally getting around to posting.  I will still post newborn photos, but thought I better at least get something down before it never happens, because anyone who has had a newborn knows that is just flies by.  And cuddles, feeding, burping are much more important right now.

The birth story: Well as most of you know I had a c-section (so its pretty routine and standard, as far as a c-section goes) but even though this was my 4th it was different from the others.

We checked in (long story short) the nurse hit a valve trying to get my IV in, it hurt.  The anesthesiologist was running late, so we waited forever (I was already feeling anxious and ready to get the show on the road), so all of these things made it worse. I sat watching my contractions on the monitor (yes I was having some, not painful at all)...Finally they pulled us back.

Ned wasn't allowed to stay with me while they prepped me and gave me my epidural (which I HATE).  I got all prepped in there, I loved my anesthesiologist but hated getting it.  For the first time ever I looked at the needles (sitting next to me on the table) knowing it would be my last time. And then got more nervous seeing those bad boys. I did it.

Then as quick as can be it all happened. They were announcing what they were doing (cutting into 2nd layer, or something disgusting) and I felt overwhelmed, I was trying to calm myself down, I couldn't talk to Ned, and I said a silent prayer for comfort. Right after I don't remember anything else except them pulling him out and saying "He has a cute BIG round head" the first thing they have said with all 3 of my boys!  He's still a boy and healthy... I remember them saying how much he weighed but I couldn't remember how much at t his point and then apparently I fell asleep.  So we don't know if it was an answer to my prayers or if the anesthesiologist saw my numbers (stress) and hooked me up with something "good", but regardless it was a nice answer to my prayers.  I woke up to Ned holding baby next to me and telling me that baby and I both fell asleep right after delivery.  I asked him how much he weighed remembering it was more than our other kids, but not remembering the number.  This was shocking to us because all our other babies were 7lbs and 19" long, so he was a big boy.  And I then remember saying to Ned "see I told you he was big in there" He did great in the hospital, and was healthy and just slept and loved to be held, which I loved too.

I then came home and after 4 days of cuddles, calmness and relaxing in the hospital forgot how loud my other kids were...ha ha ha  It was an adjustment for me that first day with the noise and chaos...but now baby and I are accustom to the chaos...I think!

**Funny side note.. We went to a follow up Dr's appointment about a week later and laughed because it was our first time out as a family of 6!!  Sounded crazy, but we also realized that the chik-fil-a didn't have seating for a family of 6. So we had to send our 2 oldest to sit on their own...we had a good laughed over that crazy little fact.

Jan 30, 2014

One WEEK to go (39 weeks) and my Must have Registry Items....

One WEEK to go...
My Sister in-law Sarah and I comparing our baby bumps at the Grove
How far along: 39 Weeks (thought this day would never come)
Gender: Boy
Weight gain: Actually haven't gained anything the last month, but I'm still not
Maternity clothes: I live in the same maternity jeans DAILY.  And my sister informed me I am allowed to wear yoga pants to get the kids at school, but NOT sweatpants. Apparently there is a significant different!
Stretch marks: Still NO, so yeah about that. I think I am good from here on out. I did get my scar gel ready for c-section though.
Belly button in or out: Out
Sleep: Very VERY fleeting. I am reminded that I don't sleep now, so I can appreciate the lack of sleep when baby comes.
Best moment this week: My friends Tasha and Brenna giving me their boys old clothing. Since we thought we were done, we gave away all our NB-12 months clothes. So it was SUCH a blessing and I am So grateful.
Worst moment this week: Sleep, sleep, and again the LACK of sleep.
Miss anything: Walking the kids to school without feeling utter pain everywhere.
Movement:  Lots of contractions which cause some serious tummy distortions which are funny.
Cravings: Candy, pizza, hamburgers, girls scout cookies, bread, pasta, steak...wait did I just say that aloud...
Queasy or sick:  Good, just uncomfortable from baby being in position for some time now.
Looking forward to: Baby boy just getting here and being done with this pregnancy and enjoying a little newborn in my arms.

My Must HAVE Registry items:
Mederma Scar Gel- Because I have c-sections (this will be my 4th) I have tried my hardest to minimize the scar and tissue. I have found and heard that this is one of the best out there.  So even if you don't have a c-section but have stretch marks, I'd recommend using this EVERYDAY (its hard to remember) but it will make a difference.
Boppy Pillow - Great for a million reasons, but most importantly for great positioning for breastfeeding from the very beginning. Then they transition to tummy time & a comfy little prop for baby later on. There are tons of cute covers now too.
Medela Pump in Style Advanced - This is the breast pump that I used (my sister in-law who is a nurse, and everyone I know recommends this one) & I can't say enough good things about it. Although I have a very difficult time breastfeeding and pumping...dread creeping in... the pump itself is fantastic. 
Lansinoh PRODUCTS (Lanolin, Soothing Pads, Nursing Pads) - Leaks, relief, and cracks...oh my!  This will HELP! 
Avent Bottles & Dr. Brown Bottles -  All of my kids have had issues with digestion, gas, milk, etc. NOT fun. So we found (after TONS of trials) that while in infancy (through about 6 months) that Dr. Brown's bottles are the BEST!  After they start on solids we use Avent just because they are convenient to clean, the babies can begin to hold them on their own easily.
Boon Lawn Drying Rack - I don't have it yet. I KNOW right?  But I want this and will be getting it soon.
Playtext Diaper Genie Elite- I know some people think this is disgusting. But really I HATE walking out to the outside trash can (it is an ordeal with a newborn and 3 other kids) so that means the poppy diaper is left by the door, in the garage, or elsewhere where it stinks or looks even more disgusting, so why not. We LOVE this one.  Especially for infants. Once they are older like my 2 year old you DO need to empty more often (smellier and larger) but still does it's job.
Ingenuity Cozy Coo Sway Seat (Coco Cafe)-  We just got this one for this baby. ALL of babies have been movers and shakers (need constant motion). So we have killed numerous swings, gliders through them all.  So this is one of the few things we decided to invest in for this baby.  It's not only like a swing but gives a gentle rocking motion.  It has 3 different positions to adjust to and plays nature sounds or gentle music as well. So here's to hoping this is the winner. Tate loved the glider like this when he was an infant and it was nice to take along on little vacations as well.

Jan 16, 2014

3 weeks to go! BABY countdown is on.

The countdown is ON. To say the least!  The tears are coming more frequently, the exhaustion is setting in, sleepless nights are HERE (to stay for a while too) and this baby cannot come soon enough...

Because I have had c-sections with all of my babies I know my date already, 3 weeks from TODAY, February 6th at 7:30am, IF I don't go into labor earlier (I feel like I just might, I was over 2 weeks early with Ella).

At this point I honestly would almost rather go into labor, I am not one of those that wants that bun in the oven for as long as possible and enjoys it. I kinda feel like an alien lives in me and sucks the life from every ounce of energy from my body (ha ha totally just thought of Twilight) but really how I feel sometimes. SUPER bad analogy but you get the point (yes I read those darn books a few years after all the hype, I had to know).

You would also think that with this being baby and c-section number 4 that it wouldn't be a big deal for me anymore, but oh contraire.  I am scared, nervous, anxious, and ALWAYS dread that darn needle down my spine and feeling the liquid shoot up my neck and down my spine (it's just not normal).

But this time around I think I am most anxious for what's around the corner AFTER baby comes. Having 4 little ones under 7 is a daunting thought.  2 in diapers.  1 not sleeping through the night (2 others that still wake up periodically from nightmares or what have you). Breastfeeding (not an easy task for moi).  Baby blues and not leaving the house.  And then my hubbie starting a new job just 2 weeks after a c-section surgery and all that madness above...YIKES!  I'm shuddering now just thinking about it all. I am a worrier, I know it, I hate it, but it is life.  So I am just trying to prepare and stay busy.  I have planned lots the next few weeks with girlfriends, family, and things to do in order to keep my mind off things and to be ready, but that is killing me with exhaustion at this point too!

So with all that said I am ready.  I am excited and I KNOW he will bring great joy to our home.  I am ready for this little MAN to join our family. I want him to get here and just get the show (crazy little show as it may be) on the road.

So let this countdown begin.
Still no belly picture, but I am in a picture (not by choice) with the family from last weekend...

How far along: 37 weeks
Gender: still a little man
Weight gain: I cant go there, I don't feel like I can expand any more, and this is the highest I have gotten with any of my pregnancies (weight watchers here I come)
Maternity clothes: The same pair of Old Navy maternity pants everyday (the only thing that fits comfortably) and as minimal as possible everywhere else.
Stretch marks: Still no thank goodness
Belly button in or out: Out without a doubt
Sleep: Not so good.  A few bad days throws me off completely and bathroom breaks at LEAST every 3 hours.
Best moment this week: Getting some of the baby stuff washed and setting up his bassinet.  Feeling more real.
Worst moment this week: Emotions and hormones are on a rage this week. It's been one for the record books.  Trying to stay busy.
Miss anything: If I am being honest, just standing up (from a sitting position) without effort. Painting my own toenails.
Movement: Not as much rolling, more sharp kicks.
Cravings: Anything edible, but really!
Queasy or sick: Not bad. Think nauseous from the lack of sleep.
Looking forward to: Getting through to next week. Ned will be off work (before his new job).  Getting baby stuff done.  Starting my pre-op appointments, then having this baby BOY!

more Christmas shenanigans

Christmas performances
Naps in the car
seeing my favorite people together more often
Celebrations with family and cousins (Todd's Christmas Eve, Broberg's Christmas Day)
Silly faces, waiting to open presents.

Santa gifts (puppet show performances)
Grumpy faces when costumes arrive WAY to late to be worn for parties
Super suprized faces when girly girls get girly things (high heels)
Seasonal germs calling for lazy pj days
Celebrating Christmas presents...out to eat with super silly kids
enjoying performances like STOMP down in LA...pre-show looking thrilled, right?!
How my shopping trips ALWAYS end up when I bring these rascals along.  The looks I get....
Knott's Berry Farm FUN with Broberg/Woolley families and my parents the day after Christmas. FUN tradition
Just for humor, Todd kid flashback to the Ontario days. Can you tell (by our faces) who probably orchestrated and was loving this scene...yes that would be me with April's orangy.

Jan 10, 2014

New word for the year: BALANCE (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...) wow...I cant believe 2013 is OVER.

Christmas went SO fast for me.  I worried about giving my children the magic I felt at this time of year when I was a child. But really if I think about it, I think the magic cant be created it is just natural and normal.

But we of course stayed busy trying to do it all and create that magic for the kids.  Either way I think we succeeded.

Gingerbread houses, Santa at Bass Pro Shop, Mission Inn with my sister April and the kids doing the robot, Decorations. The kids LOVE putting up decorations.  Even though they told mom and dad numerous times they could not believe we never got the star up this year. Yep it never made it up.  Sad.

But my favorite was usually in our own home, where I LOVED, loved seeing the magic through the eyes of a child and for the first time with Tate. He loved the lights, the ornaments, the Christmas music in the background.  Everything was just so magical for him and it helped me get into the holiday spirit better.

And I'm still getting asked by some people: "Did you get a dog?"  They saw this letter on my other social media sites.  The answer is: NO, we did not get a dog for Christmas. It was the closest I ever got to actually caving in, but I didn't. We will be waiting until the originally disclosed agreement (at least: Ella 10, Asher 8, Tate 4, Baby 2). ha ha  Call me a mean mom, but I call it my sanity.

So with all this being said LIFE is just so hard to BALANCE sometimes. Don't you agree?  So I decided that my new word for 2014 will be BALANCE.

This is something I just really struggle with.  I feel like I am always trying to do it all and so very often failing at most everything. I'm grateful for a very grounded husband who reminds me that we are doing great and only doing the best we can with everything we can.  So I thought this would be a great goal for me in the new year.

  • I know I will be wanting to lose ALL that baby weight in 4 months (wont happen unless I sacrificed everything in my life). 
  • I will want to cuddle ALL day with my newborn baby boy (wont happen with a 2 year old and 2 other older children).
  • I will want to be the BEST wife.  Be so supportive of the hubbies new job, hot dinners on the table each night (not including taco bell), the house cleaned, laundry done, and everything organized (my husband already told me I am going to need to"mental" chill on this and not worry about it once the baby is born).
  • I want to be the awesome (tiger) mom.  Practicing Ella's piano perfectly each day, sports, great grades, and actually enjoy doing homework with the kids (ugh, ugh, and triple UGH!).  But I know I will just need to do my best.
So the list could go ON and ON and ON but I am just going to do my best and try to get BALANCE in my life for 2014 and take everything in stride.

Dec 10, 2013

31 weeks (8.2 to go, but whose counting, right?)

The latest update...

How far along: 31 weeks

Gender: Still a nameless BOY!

Weight gain: I will just say for the FIRST time in my marriage (pregnancies included) I am more than my husband.  Enough said.  (This is when it really starts to show in my face).

Maternity clothes: Yeps.

Stretch marks: Luckily no.
Belly button in or out: OUT!

Sleep: OK. I am starting to feel like I cant breathe again, and my husband confirms that by periodic snoring (I do NOT snore usually). So I know it's getting cramped in there.

Best moment this week: Getting all the clothes sorted. From a boy that is 5, 21months, and baby on the way we have a TON of clothes new and hand me downs which was stressing me out. We have it sorted and ready.  (I keep a tub in the closet for Asher (5) and Tate (21 months) so as they grow out it goes in that tub so it will be organized and ready to store or to pass along.  It is hard getting sorted but worth it to use the clothes again.

Worst moment this week: Emotions.  Always the last few months of every pregnancy I started getting really irritable. It could be the lack of sleep I begin to get.  But the kids (especially my sweet little GIRL) who can push my buttons in just the right way.  I get cranky, irritable and short of the main reasons I REALLY looked forward to the end!

Miss anything: Being fit. For the most part I love to exercise and eat well.  I don't feel fit or healthy at all!  I can hardly walk the kids to school without "everything hurting", so I drive, then I feel so BLAH doing nothing all day. Cant wait to work out again.

Movement: YEP! All of my kids are gymnasts.  They flip, kick and prod. I actually enjoy it (even the sharp ones) and it helps me know they are thriving.

Cravings: Still Miguel's Jr.  Frozen chocolate chip cookies (not a norm for me).  

Queasy or sick: Nope doing good on this end. Just EXHAUSTED!  Can I mention here how much I HATE big kid homework, hate it!  That makes me SICK!

Looking forward to: Another ultrasound next week.  And enjoying the Christmas holiday then beginning the 1 month countdown!

Still haven't gotten a new belly shot, I really will try to get on that.  But for now enjoy this, because THIS is how I feel...

Nov 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Although I am beyond excited to get out the Christmas decor, I also LOVE fall (my favorite season of the year).  And because we live in California it is not as vibrant as elsewhere, I have to make do with some of my favorite fall home decor.

I of course started the holiday with my chalkboard art.  My kids even said I was very creative and did a great job.  Coming from my kids I felt very proud because they usually mock my art skills (no I am NOT good, so they are totally justified in doing so).

I also let the kids create a little TURKEY craft this year to remember their little hands and feet.  I also saved a little space for baby #4 (yes he is still nameless).

So with preparing to take down my silly decor I am feeling VERY GRATEFUL for my HOME, for this time of year to celebrate FAMILY, FRIENDS, and this wonderful LIFE I have been given.  It really is a marvelous gift from GOD.

EXCITED for another sweet little BOY!

Yep (back on Constitution Day) I was reminded of why I AM excited to have another sweet boy in our home come February...

Nov 14, 2013

South Carolina with the Fab 5 Girls (Joy's Wedding)

You have probably heard me talk about the Fab 5 before, but long story short, these girls and I have been BFF's (best friends) since 6th grade.  Amazing I know!  

You probably remember back HERE when it was Kati's wedding, well this time it was Joy's turn.  She moved to North Carolina after Junior High and we still would all go out in the summers to visit and she would come out to Cali to visit, so we have all stayed in contact.  And SO the FAB 5 were reunited....
Heather, Missy, Joy, me, and Kati (blurry iPhone pic, but all 5 of us were here)
So Kati, Heather and myself departed from LAX on a RED EYE midnight flight (I do NOT recommend this being prego, it was miserable, really!  But the flight delays back home were even worse)! I got pretty sick from the altitude and just exhaustion, I think.  So this was not my favorite part.

But at least I got bonding time with these 2!  And I must say Heather was the super "hubbie" on the trip, taking care of everything (including our rented mini-van, and I must say I will convert them ALL)!
The first night was so nice because we got to catch up with Joy.  
We went out to dinner and laughed a LOT.  

We then went and checked out the wedding site which was beyond GORGEOUS!  We stayed here at the The Cottages on Charleston Harbor one night, we were all in heaven.

The next day we went to get our nails done, and did other wedding necessities, before heading to the airport to get Missy and her sweet baby who were flying in from SLC.

So we finally were all together and had a great time at the rehearsal dinner downtown Charleston.  Everything was so quaint...I loved downtown Charleston, and my only regret was not having more time to sight see and hang out longer. And I didn't get any pictures, besides the lousy one below...

The reception and wedding went SO fast and we didn't have time to capture photos, we left that to the professional photographers. But it was so fun and so beautiful and Joy was a beyond stunning bride.
Here we are with Wes (the groom) at the top!  And then below with the beautiful bride Joy!
It was just fun to meet all the fun bridesmaids and catch up with Joy's family whom we hadn't seen in years  Here we are with Joy's brother Eric and his best friend Pablo and the 5!
And then of course I can NOT go without mentioning my AWESOME HUSBAND.  

He was originally planning to come with me, but things didn't work out, and it ended up just being all of us girls, which was SUPER fun.  But still he of course had to sacrifice a TON in order to make this awesome trip happen for me.  He of course waited up (even though I begged him not to) until 2am when I came home, and I even had this sweet welcome home note from Ella on the front door when I came up. It was nice break from the kids, but it is ALWAYS nice to get back home to them. I missed them a ton and was ready to see my little ones again!